ST8000VX0002 Seagate 8TB SATA Hard Drive - Mega Devices

ST8000VX0002 Seagate 8TB SATA Hard Drive


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SKU: ST8000VX0002

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Condition: Refurbished


ST8000VX0002 Specification

ST8000VX0002 Specification

Formatted capacity (512 bytes/sector)

8000GB (8TB)

Guaranteed sectors






Bytes per sector

(4K physical emulated at 512-byte sectors)


Default sectors per track


Default read/write heads


Default cylinders


Recording density (max)


Track density (avg)


Areal density (avg)


Internal data transfer rate (max)


Average data rate, read/write (MB/s)


Maximum sustained data rate, OD read (MB/s)


ATA data-transfer modes supported


PIO modes: 0 to 4

Multiword DMA modes: 0 to 2

Ultra DMA modes 0 to 6

I/O data-transfer rate (max)


Cache buffer


Height (max)

26.1mm / 1.028 in

Width (max)

101.85mm /4.010 in

Length (max)

146.99mm / 5.787 in

Average latency


Average seek, read (typical)

Average seek, write (typical)

<8.5ms typical

<9.5ms typical

Startup current (typical) 12V


Voltage tolerance (including noise)

5V: ?5%

12V: ?10%

Non-Operating (Ambient ?C)

??40 ? to 70

Operating temperature (Drive case min ?C)


Operating temperature (Drive case max ?C)


Temperature gradient

20 ?C per hour max (operating)

30 ?C per hour max (nonoperating)

Relative humidity

5% to 90% (operating)

5% to 95% (nonoperating)

Relative humidity gradient (max)

30% per hour

Wet bulb temperature (max)

26 ?C max (operating)

29 ?C max (nonoperating)

Altitude, operating

??304m to 3048m( ??1000 ft to 10,000 ft)

Altitude, non-operating

(below mean sea level, max)

??304m to12,192m( ??1000ft to 40,000+ ft)

Operational shock (max)

70 Gs at 2ms (read)

40 Gs at 2ms (write)

Non-operational shock (max)

250 Gs at 2ms

Vibration, operating


2Hz to 22Hz: 0.25 Gs, Limited displacement

22Hz to 350Hz: 0.50 Gs

350Hz to 500Hz: 0.25 Gs

Vibration, non-operating


5Hz to 22Hz: 3.0 Gs

22Hz to 350Hz: 3.0 Gs

350Hz to 500Hz: 3.0 Gs

Drive acoustics, sound power


2.7 bels (typical)

2.8 bels (max)


2.8 bels (typical)

2.9 bels (max)

Non-recoverable read errors

1 per 10^15 bits read

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

1,000,000 hrs

Rated Workload


Average annualized workload rating: <180 TB/year.

The AFR specification for the product assumes the I/O workload does not exceed the average annualized workload rate limit of 180 TB/year. Workloads exceeding the annualized rate may degrade the product AFR and impact reliability as experienced by the particular application. The average annualized workload rate limit is in units of TB per calendar year.

Load/unload cycles (25 ?C, 50% rel. humidity)

300,000 at 25 ?C, 50% rel. humidity

Supports hotplug operation per the

Serial ATA Revision 3.2 specification


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Types of Warranty:

  • Refurbished 30 days
  • New Open Box 90 days
  • New Factory Sealed 1 year or standard manufacturer warranty

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Our staff is super technical and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. If you’ve got a question about any of our products, or if you are looking for aftermarket accessories, we happily wait for your call.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs vary depending on a variety of factors, from shipment type, weight, product condition, and location. Once these variables are calculated during checkout, a carrier will put a price on your shipment.

Note: Refurbished items can’t be shipped overnight as it needs to be retested to maintain the quality and customer experience.

Shipping Time

Delivery Options Estimated Delivery Time
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Most orders placed during business hours are processed the same day but in case if the item is used/refurbished we first test it and then process the order next day.

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Yes, we ship internationally, following is the list of countries we ship to:

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Where is your warehouse located?

We have multiple warehouses all over the world including UK, Germany, and USA. We ship inventory from the closest location.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we accept bulk orders from SMEs, Fortune 500, Startups, Government (Federal, State, Local), Defense (Military, Air Force, Navy) and Education Sector.

What are refurbished items?

Refurbished means that the item was sent back to the original manufacturer, and it has been rechecked or reassembled and to provide cost effective solution and to provide end of life products.

Reason to buy refurbished IT devices:

  • Better quality
  • Lower costs
  • Extend the Life of your Current Technology
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